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My Story

​I found myself in my mid 50’s with two aging parents who could no longer care for themselves and look after the family home. I became frustrated trying to obtain unbiased information on services that were available to assist with in home care and help for seniors outside the home. I had many questions and all came with financial considerations.

This site is dedicated to providing some guidance in terms of selling, refinancing or renovating the family home; will and estate planning; in home medical and homecare services; suitable retirement homes, and companionship. Let Help for Seniors Canada find you the answers you need.

Provide some basic details and ask your questions. A representative will reply with an unbiased, no cost, information on help for seniors for you and your loved ones.


Do we need to sell? When is the best time?

Will the proceeds be sufficient for our ongoing needs?

What if there are mortgage or property taxes arrears?

Can I sell without strangers entering my home?

Do we need a realtor? Do we need a lawyer?


Which local retirement homes have vacancies?

Can they handle our current medical needs?

What happens when our health deteriorates?

What is the current waiting time for a home?

What are the costs?


What options do we qualify for, on a fixed budget?

Is a reverse mortgage or line of credit better?

Paying for renovations, home improvement loans?

What are the hidden yet creative financing solutions?


How do we do an assessment of our needs?

What services will the government pay for?

What additional services can we purchase?

What is LHIN and CCAC?


Does it make sense to renovate or sell the home?

How do we do an assessment of our needs?

How do we find qualified contractors?

Is there government assistance for seniors retrofits?


Do we have current legal wills?

Do we have an executor, powers of attorney?

How do we plan now to save on probate taxes?

Do we have a comprehensive estate plan?


What in home services are available?

What seniors programs exist in my community?

Are there fitness and recreational programs?

Seniors dating sites?

Is transportation available?

Your Questions Answered.

Providing some details on your areas of interest and you specific question will enable us to provide resource links that may help. A representative will reply by email or will call if clarification is required.  You can view previously answered questions below the form.

Areas of Interest:

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Our 94 year old mother is moving into a retirement home. We want to sell the home but don’t want to deal with disposing of all the furniture and her belongings so it is vacant for the new owners. What can we do? Not up to organizing a garage sale.

Some of your mother’s possessions may be seen as antiques and have some value. A local antique store owner could visit the home and offer you payment for items of interest. Local charities like Goodwill, Teen Challenge, Habitat for Humanity etc, could arrange to pick up the items they want which may clear out much of the remainder. Alternatively, you can simply sell the home “as is”. All the contents are transferred to the new owner and it becomes their responsibility to dispose of the items.


I am recently widowed. I moved recently and find myself without friends as my husband was my life. What to do?

Getting out and socializing is important. You need to take the initiative to search out human interaction. People won’t find you unless you make yourself available. Meeting your neighbours while out on a walk would be a good step. In London there are the Hamilton Road or Kiwanis Senior Community Centers that offer a variety of seniors programs. The City of London through the Parks and Recreation department offers a variety of sports or leisure activity classes though their Spectrum publication. If you have an interest, they may have a related class. You can sign up and meet others with a similar interest. Volunteering is also a good way to meet people and help the local community. If you have a favorite charity, contact them and see how you can get more involved.


I am retired on a fixed pension and want to refinance my home. Can I qualify for a mortgage when I am not working?

When qualifying for a mortgage, lenders are going to look at all your revenue sources such as pension and investment income. You may still qualify for a traditional mortgage, a line of credit that will allow you to draw down on the funds as needed, or if income is insufficient possibly a reverse mortgage where you don’t need to make a monthly mortgage payment. I suggest a detailed review of your current situation by a mortgage specialist so you end up with the right advice and the right product to fit your needs. We are happy to assist with a referral.